Ambedded Ceph Storage Appliance, low power consumption ARM server storage solution
Storage Device for 8x ARM Quad Core Micro-Server
Mars 400 Ceph Storage Appliance Key Features & Data Sheet

Ceph is the future of storage; where traditional systems fail to deliver, Ceph is designed to excel.
Leverage your data for better business decisions and achieve operational excellence through scalable, intelligent, reliable and highly available storage software. Ceph supports object, block and file storage, all in one unified storage system. 

With Ceph’s adaptability, your cluster will be ready to support all your application and data storage demands, both now and in the future, whether your solution is on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or container-native.

Ceph. An unified storage system.


Ceph is capable of rapid scaling, without the typical downtime other solutions require. Using the advanced CRUSH algorithm, Ceph overcomes all scalability challenges, leading the way towards truly flexible, incredibly resilient storage at scale. With Ceph, users can stop relying on expensive, vendor-locked in hardware and break free of legacy limitations.


With its self-managing and self-healing, Ceph finds and rectifies issues before users are even aware of them. Within your storage cluster, Ceph Monitor and Manager daemons coordinate to increase reliability and data availability across interconnected systems.


Ceph’s configuration and deployment can be completely tailored to your needs, without compromising on performance. Apply Ceph to your existing storage setup, or create a new cluster with widely-available commodity hardware to achieve industry leading reliability and scalability, without the expense of traditional, proprietary ICT infrastructure.