Network Observability

When you’re responsible for the network that powers your critical services, you need to answer some key questions, fast. Like “Is it the network?” Or “Why are our data
costs so high?” Or “Are we being attacked?” You need good answers. With context. As quickly as possible.

Kentik is the network observability company. Our platform is a must-have for the network front line, whether digital business, corporate IT, or service provider. Network professionals turn to the Kentik Network Observability Platform to plan, run, and fix any network, relying on our infinite granularity, AI-driven insights, and fast search.

Kentik use cases

Monitor digital experience

Test performance across all infrastructure. Auto-configure synthetic tests based on actual traffic. Detect performance issues. Monitor application transactions and keep tabs on SaaS application performance.

Find and fix problems

Monitor and troubleshoot all networks — corporate, edge, clouds, and internet. See network paths to find issues quickly. Visualize, query, filter, and zoom in to ask any question and get the answer fast.

Manage cloud networks

Monitor complex hybrid and multicloud networks. See traffic to, from, in, and between internet providers, regions, availability zones, VPCs, subnets, Kubernetes pods, and containers. Ensure traffic security and policy adherence.

Secure and mitigate

Protect networks and mitigate security issues. Neutralize DDoS attacks, catch botnets, stop route leaks and BGP hijacking. Analyze forensics and share intelligence with other teams. Track every network participant and traffic flow.

Plan network

Identify optimal transit and peering partners to deliver your services. Understand the applications that traverse your network and their digital supply chain. Accurately forecast capacity needs, and manage utilization of edge resources.

Optimize cost

Tabulate detailed cost metrics based on provider billing and other factors. Make informed decisions to help reduce spend. Easily identify cloud traffic flows that waste money and reduce performance, such as hairpinning and unnecessary egress.