Ruijie Networks is the leading ICT infrastructure and industry solution provider, dedicated to the R&D, design, and sale of network devices, network security products, and cloud desktop solutions. Ruijie has been building in-depth, scenario-oriented application experience through solution design and innovation in the industry, thereby assisting the upgrade into the digitalization of all industries.

With keen insights into customer needs and an accurate grasp of industry trends, Ruijie relies on strong R&D capabilities and robust technology accumulation to quickly develop targeted and innovative product solutions. These include switches, wireless and IoT, cloud desktops, routers, network security, IT O&M, smart classrooms, and more.

Campus switches

High-density Large-buffer Core Switch for Cloud Architecture Network

Up to 52 x 10GE ports and 12 x 100GE ports per line card, and up to 416 x 10GE ports and 96 x 100GE ports per switch
Fit for data centers, MANs, campus networks, and scenarios with data centers and campus networks

• Clos Architecture, Delivering Non-Blocking Forwarding and High-Speed Transmission Without Packet Loss.
• RGOS, a Fully-Decoupled Modular OS, Providing Independent Components and Nonstop Services.
• Multiple Hardware Protection, Offering Carrier-class Reliability and Ensuring Continuous Operation Without Downtime.
• Fan Connections in In-line Mode and Y-Shaped Airflow, Improving Heat Dissipation and Enhancing System Reliability.
• Supporting SDN, Providing Rapid Deployment and Automated O&M for Campus Networks.

Wireless and IoT products

Wi-Fi Indoor AP with Built-in Al Radio

Indoor high-quality network scenarios in the higher education, medical industry, government and commerce. The 5 Gbps SFP port is designed for Ruijie All-Optical i-Share+ Solution, unleashing the bandwidth performance to achieve ultra-gigabit access. Moreover, one 5 Gbps electrical port is provided for wired connection, maximizing the return on investment (ROI).

• Multi-scenario adaptability, providing flexible solutions to meet diverse service needs
• 5 Gbps SFP combo port for flexible networking
• Seamless client roaming enabled by AI radio
• Real-Time, full-band scanning for a secure network
• 160 MHz high bandwidth, 3.843 Gbps high speed with Wi-Fi 6
• WIS unified cloud management for easy O&M