(Starview MAintenance and suppoRT)

SMART is essential to providing optimal reliability and performance of our solutions. Our team is highly skilled to offer a complete range of specialized services from engagement, design, testing, installation, staging, commissioning, acceptance, maintenance and support. We are BizSafe STAR certified, and uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and accessories

Starview Maintenance and Support Services
Starview Operational Support Service


Increase efficiency, reliability, and performance with SMART from Starview. Experience the variety of value-added services from our dedicated team 24×7

SMART services

We offer a wide range of managed services via our specialized team of engineers. Choose a flavor of services relevant to your needs:

SMART Help Desk

Our cloud Help Desk service ensures tickets are tracked from Open to Close. Incidents are updated and tracked through a ticketing system with history logging, and can be easily transferred to other engineers for seamless escalation. Our help desk has 3 channels of activation: Hotline, Email and/ or online Web activation

Starview Maintenance and Support Help Desk
Starview Maintenance and Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) Contract

SMART Service Level Agreement (SLA) Contract

Our slew of SLA contracts covers on-site response time, hardware sparing, software updates for bug fixes, and manufacturer’s back-to-back support. Our variety of services offered are: 24x7x4, 8x5x4, 8x5xNBD (Next Business Day). We can also tailor the SLA to whichever plan that suits your needs

SMART Service

Our specialised team of engineers work closely with you to provide the best support to your business. With our wealth of experience, we can provide a one-stop service according to your needs:

  • Deployment Service
Our offer includes site survey, project management, deployment supervision, testing and report, as well as a list of many other deployment services that is needed
  • CPE (Customer Premise  Equipment) Deployment

We provide warehousing and asset tracking of CPE consigned to us, offering various options to deliver these devices to any world-wide. Other services for CPE deployment available are door-to-door world-wide delivery, customs clearance, RMA, remote activation, staging and testing.

  • TAC (Technical Assistance Center) Support

Our engineers are always ready to provide Level 1 and 2 support. For Level 3 complex issues and bug fixes, we will resolve the issue together with our vendors in the shortest time

Starview Maintenance and Support Service Details
Starview Preventive Maintenance Service

SMART Preventive Maintenance

Our proactive Preventive Maintenance ensures minimum impact of unexpected network issues, by constantly checking and ensuring equipment operates within its optimal range. Reports will be tallied and tracked to ensure equipment reliability and performance. Combining this with our SLA contract, the Preventive Maintenance covers: 

On Site Support

On-site checking, cleaning and recording of equipment status and performance

  • Hardware Maintenance

Hardware checking and spare parts support, repair and return services to vendor location

  • Software Maintenance

Software support for the latest release and update, upgrade, testing and documentation

SMART Installation and Commissioning

  • Service Material Arrangement

We can offer a one-stop material arrangement for procuring, installation and commissioning of other accessories that meets the customer’s requirements and expectations

  • Staging

Prior to every installation on-site, our team will ensure the equipment are pre-configured to customer’s requirement, integrated and tested before actual deployment

Starview Installation and Commissioning Service
Starview Training Service

SMART Training

We value training as an essential tool to handle and operate the equipment. The training can be offered by our specialised engineer in Starview with hands-on practice, or by the Equipment Vendor, whichever choice needed by the customer

SMART Extended Warranty

Our extended warranty covers the Manufacturer’s annual support for back-to-factory repair, with the option to extend after the manufacturer’s original warranty period. This gives a peace of mind for the operation of the equipment, as well as the Total Cost of Ownership

Starview Extended Warranty