Exponential Growth of Data

Next Generation Smart City Initiatives, and Enterprise Digital Transformation are driving information growth

  • Growth of Information Knowledge Base from Advance Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Data generated from Sensor & Telemetry in Internet of Things (IoT). e.g. driverless public transportation system
  • Recordings of digital videos from post-COVID remote video meetings, online organisational eLearning systems, digital exhibitions, and digital surveillance

Take back control of the data explosion with 1STACK Software Defined Storage Solutions

Backup & Recovery for Business Continuity, & Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries

Gaining Business Insight with Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence

Scale-Out Storage for Enterprise Video eLearning, Video Collaboration, & Digital Video Surveillance

Accelerated Insights Gained from
Advanced Analytics

Proven Implementation using 1STACK Software Defined Storage Solution

COVID-19 Response Center

1STACK Storage Delivers

Lower TCO

Compliance with Sensitive Data


How Much More Money Could You Save with Your Growth of Storage Systems

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