High Performance NVMe/TCP Storage for large enterprise, Telco, Cloud PaaS/IaaS

Lightbits in a Nutshell

SaaS, Database Deployment Use Case

Seamlessly move your infrastructure from direct-attached SSDs to a remote low-latency pool of NVMe SSDs

  • Maximize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency
  • High performance NVMe storage that Scale with simple & efficient TCP/IP
  • Accelerate data services -Compression/Erasure Coding/QoS..
  • Improving NVMe SSD endurance ie reduce TCO
  • Build a cloud-optimized solution with API software defined and provisioning
  • Multi-tenants for large scale cloud
Lightbits storage, low, consistent latency
Lightbits hardware-accelerated data services
Lightbits feature - No changes to network infrastructure
Lightbits Solves Your Infrastructure Pain Points

Lightbits SuperSSD™

Fully Integrated NVMe/TCP Appliance

Key Features

  • Scalable from 64TB to 192TB capacity
  • Very high performance 5M IOPS @4K in 1 SuperSSD appliance
  • Plug and Play to TCP network switches
  • Fault tolerant
  • Wire-speed storage services
  • Compression / Decompression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Composable Storage
  • Protocol: NVMe™/TCP
  • Connectivity: Dual 100GbE ; wide range of switch vendors

 support – Cisco, Arista, Mellanox, Dell

  • Form Factor: 2U Standard Rack Server
  • Availability: Now
Lightbits SuperSSD™