Of CapEx Saving

Significant Savings, as compared to market-leading scale-out storage systems.


Of Scale Out

Easy to scale out from 1 to infinite units, no H/W controller constraints. 1 OSD vs. 1 host performs better in Ceph.


Self Healing & Compatibility

across any sotage device, from any vendor, accessed via any sorage protocol and situated anywhere.

Frustrated by the Lack of IT Skills

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  • Growth of Information Knowledge Base from Advance Analytics/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Data generated from Sensor & Telemetry in Internet of Things (IoT). e.g. driverless public transportation system
  • Recordings of digital videos from post-COVID remote video meetings, online organisational eLearning systems, digital exhibitions, and digital surveillance

Take back control of the data explosion with 1STACK Automation Solutions

1STACK Automation Solution can be applied to

Backup & Recovery for Business Continuity, & Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries

Gaining Business Insight with Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence

Scale-Out Storage for Enterprise Video eLearning, Video Collaboration, & Digital Video Surveillance

What Hyperscalers Uses



Processing Power

Our Solutions

Workload Migration 


Capacity Planning/

Management (Kentik)

Workload Migration 


We faced challenges in Hiring too - Overcome
IT Skills Gap with Cloud Automation

Migrate to Private Cloud using 1STACK WorkLoad Migration

COVID-19 Response Center

1STACK Cloud Orchestration, You Can:

Close the IT Skills Gap

Reduce by > 10X the Time to Provision Compute & Storage Resource

Processing Power

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