Product Overview

The CGS-NPB series introduces the next-generation appliances providing network visibility that enables Cyber Security, Big Data analytics, and monitoring tools deployed in high-end data centers and branch offices. The CGS-NPB appliances address the market requirement to reduce the cost, complexity, and footprint of high-end network visibility solutions. The CGS-NPB series leverages a
powerful state of the art platform combined with CGS innovative software, resulting in the most reliable, scalable, modular Packet Broker that supports 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, and 100G ports and multiple interfaces (Optical, Copper, DAC) in a compact 1RU form factor.

The CGS-NPB series includes aggregation, replication, filtering, stacking, and load balancing that enable and optimize the benefits of the tools. Additional advanced features with deep packet inspection capabilities that optimize network traffic management are available in a powerful
data center ready 1RU server.

Use Cases

  • Aggregation of TAP/SPAN network traffic
    to a centralized location where tools are deployed
  • Optimize tools performance by filtering
    network traffic
  • Regenerate network traffic to multiple tools
  • Load balance traffic according to tools capacities
  • L2 Smart Matrix that enhances traffic generators
    with additional ports, capacities and interfaces