Kaloom network structure
Kaloom network performance enhancement
Kaloom fully programmable networking software

Fully Programmable

  • Enables the addition of new services
    and features without impacting traffic
  • Enables developers to develop new
    code and drive innovation
  • Avoids vendor lock-in & eliminates the
    need to wait for silicon upgrades
  • Allows for customer programmability
  • Utilizes industry standard P4 programming language
Kaloom fully automated & scalable networking software

Fully Automated & Scalable

  • Advanced Self-forming & Self-discovery
  • Zero Touch Provisioning of the virtual networking/components
  • Automated software upgrades
  • Significantly lowers OPEX
  • Minimizes human intervention and lowers provisioning times from several days to minutes
Kaloom networking software fabric slicing capabilities

Fabric Slicing Capabilities

  • Provides full support for network
    virtualization (e.g. Slicing)
  • Enables allocation of physical resources
    into multiple isolated networking slices
    called vFabrics
  • Enables the assignment of vFabrics to
    different virtual DC operators
  • Enables DC operators to faster provision
    new customers in software
  • Provides full isolation between customers/tenants
Kaloom networking software vSwitch offload

vSwitch Offload

  • Minimizes compute resources
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Increases throughput per server
Kaloom networking software whitebox support

Networking Whitebox Support

  • Significantly lowers CAPEX
  • Support for networking white boxes from
  • Accton and Delta
  • Runs on commodity hardware using
    merchant silicon
Kaloom networking software integrated vRouter

Integrated vRouter

  • Fully featured virtual router embedded in
    the fabric
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a
    separate physical router
  • Positioned for service function chaining
  • Maximizes performance by having the
    routing data plane in the fabric