How to Login into Admin area of the website

  • Open the Admin area by going to:
  • Put Username / Password and click Login
  • The first page after login is called Dashboard.
  • The left-hand menus are used to access many different parts of your website mainly Pages and Posts (products and newsletters).

How to edit any page of the website

  • Open the Admin area by going to:
  • Put Username / Password and click Login
  • Open website Again by going to
  • There is a Admin Top Bar now where you have a menu “Edit with Elementor”, Click that
  • It will open the current Page in Editable form and you can edit any text / images on it. 
  • once all changes are done, Click the Green UPDATE button from left bottom area of the page. It will save the changes.
  • Go back to and see your updated page.

Understanding Products Area (Posts)

  • Open the Admin area by going to:
  • Put Username / Password and click Login
  • All Products are added under POST section of the website where they are categorized.
  • We can define new Categories / Sub Categories to manage our content nicely so we can organize it easily.
  • To create new Category under POST, Move your Mouse over POST menu on left hand side and click Categories sub menu.
  • Add new Category and click Save, You can select a Parent category from Dropdown box if the new Category is Sub Category of already created one.
  • Then To add a New POST (here we call it a Products, Click “Add New” which will open a New Post page.
  • Give Title of the Product, Select Category from right hand side and Select Featured Image of the product.
  • Then Click Publish. After Page refresh, Click Edit With Elementor so you can add Product content on this new page.
  • Once all information / content is added, click green UPDATE button to Save all your changes.
  • WE had created a new product page But we have to link this page to a Menu now. We will see how we can add this page to a Menu on top main menu OR under product’s category.

How to link new Post (Product page) with new Menu item.

Understanding Elementor Page Builder

  • A Theme used to define the basic structure of the whole website where we can do slight customizations to your overall design, whereas a page builder allows us to go a little deeper and customize those individual pages and posts within our WordPress theme.
  • there are many Page builders but the easy to use and one of the most famous WordPress Page Builder is called Elementor.
  • It has much drag and drops widgets such as Heading, Text, Image, Video, and many more. Let’s see in the video how we can turn a blank WordPress page into the stylish good looing page using elementor and its widget area. 

Understanding Slider Revolution and how to edit any slider / slides

  • Login into the backend and Goto Slider Revolution from left-hand side menu from DashBoard.
  • You will see all sliders created on this page.
  • Open and edit any slider you would like and If you are not sure which slider belongs to which page on the front end then simply Open the main website and Mouse Over the Slider Revolution text on the top admin bar on that page, It will show the current slider(s) available on the same page on the dropdown menu. Click it and you will go directly to the edit page for the current slider.

Understanding Newsletter area and how to add or remove any Newsletter

  • Login into the backend and Goto POST section from the left-hand side menu from DashBoard.
  • You will see all posts created on this page.
  • You can filter posts by their categories from the dropdown menu in the top area.
  • Let’s select Newsletter Category and click the filter button on the right which will show us only Newsletter’s posts.
  • When you create a new post and select its category as Newsletter it will automatically appear on top of the Newsletter page. Similarly, if you delete any Newsletter it will disappear from the newsletter page automatically.